Product Information

Some people ask, “Why is Amish food better for you?” We hope the following information will help to answer that question.

troyer-logoWhy Troyer Cheese?

Our award winning blue ribbon cheeses are crafted in small batches and aged to perfection. We only sell “A Grade” which gives you the same great taste time after time. Taste the difference.

Why Troyer Deli?

Featuring only premium meats and award winning blue ribbon cheese, we can assure you that Troyer deli carries a promise your family will enjoy. From our family to yours… Taste the difference.

Why Troyer Jerky?

Troyer beef jerky is a whole muscle that is hand trimmed, hand cut and marinated with our special blend of herbs and spices. Our lean beef is slowly cooked in our smokehouse for hours which makes it a tender and one of a kind flavor.

Why Troyer Roll Butter?

Troyer Roll Butter is made only from first cream. Most butter are made from whey cream (a bi-product of cheese making). Taste the difference.

Troyer Popcorn

When was the last time you popped popcorn the old fashioned way? The purple is high in antioxidants, the medium is hull free, and our ladyfinger has a petite kernel. Choose our popcorn for this all time favorite snack. Taste the difference.

Troyer Summer Sausage

Our summer sausage is 80% whole muscle beef, without any beef or pork bi products. No refrigeration is needed. You can take it anywhere you want to go. Taste the difference.

Amish Wedding Foods Bread and Butter Pickles


Our bread and butter pickles are crispy, 100% all natural and full of flavor. Savor some today and taste the difference.

Why Amish Wedding Foods Salsas?

We make our Salsas with only the finest vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. By kettle cooking them slowly, they are naturally thick and chunky. Our salsas are free of artificial preservatives, colors and are 100% all natural.

Why Amish Wedding Foods Jams?

All Amish Wedding Foods jams are 100% “All Natural.” Our natural juice jams and jellies are deliciously sweetened natures way with white grape juice.

Why Amish Wedding Foods Noodles?

Our noodles are 100% all natural with no preservatives, salt or artificial colors added. While being a good source of carbohydrates and low in sodium, they carry a hearty taste. Enjoy our time tested recipe.

Amish Wedding Foods Pickled Baby Beets

Our time tested ageless recipe makes our pickled baby beets distinctive and delicious. Being 100% all natural, we encourage you to taste the difference.

Why Amish Wedding Foods Fudge?

Amish Wedding Fudge offers a perfect variety of flavors made with our own first cream butter. The one of a kind packaging allows you to savor the taste at any time or any place. In just one bite, you will “taste the difference”.